Recent and Up Coming Performances

29-30-31 March

24 MARS // InSuccube - Edgy Woman Festival @ Sala Rosa (Montréal)

2 MARCH - Salon K Berlin

13 FEBRUARY - Focus (conference) @ Hors Les murs

4 JANVIER - 6 FÈVIER 2012 //The Tiger Lillies Freakshow @ Wintergarten (Berlin - Germany)

11 novembre 2011 // The Unsettlers @ Rialto (Montreal)

6 novembre 2011 // Di(x)parue - Espace Tangente

5 novembre 2011 // Di(x)parue - Espace Tangente 

4 novembre 2011 // Di(x)parue - Espace Tangente 

3 novembre 2011 // Di(x)parue - Espace Tangente


"A rare snake... free of convention and preconception"

Nadere is like a rare snake. While you think you are holding her, she changes skin and will always follow her instinct to create new pieces in the performing art field. Free of conventions and preconceived ideas, Nadere dive directly at the heart of creation. She’ll make herself a mirror reflecting her vision of reality that surrounds her. She is fascinated into the in between space that connects people, ideas, and wants to give this limit a body and soul.